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Braco's Gaze around the world

  • Since 1995 Braco has been travelling the world. People from all walks of life come to experience his silent Gaze...

20 years with Braco (stories from 1995 to 2015)

  • “Only those who were searching for happiness and wellbeing everywhere and then got help through Braco can really appreciate and value that what Braco is doing for the people.”

Media Reports

  • Miracle Gaze | Spiritual Leader Stares at Thousands Downtown

Latin America is opening up: Braco’s Gaze first time in Colombia

  • With an open heart and shining eyes, Braco was welcomed in Bogota by those who believe in his invisible silent gift.

The Premiere of 'Power of Silence' in Hollywood and New York City 2016

  • In the documentary Power of Silence, narrated by Armand Assante , the director Jakov Sedlar brought together those who contemplate on life and who are revealing the endless depth of existence.

Can a Gaze change the Crime Rate?

  • Those of us who have experienced the transformative effect of Braco’s Gaze in our personal lives may not be astonished by this headline-breaking news! But then again, it’s pretty incredible.

USA: Braco and Donna Karan meet at NYC Gazing Event

  • "Gazing" is an amazing experience because it happens as an exchange of pure energy. Braco is beloved by many celebrities, among who are Donna Karan; the actor and model Famke Janssen...