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USA: Braco and Donna Karan meet at NYC Gazing Event

  • "Gazing" is an amazing experience because it happens as an exchange of pure energy. Braco is beloved by many celebrities, among who are Donna Karan; the actor and model Famke Janssen...

USA: Huffington Post

  • Johnny Podell, the agent behind Cream, Alice Cooper and other iconic rockers, knows all about getting high. His career flamed out in the '80s when he became so addicted to cocaine...

Braco in Die Welt

  • Europe is curious about the silent gaze of Braco: This article was published by the German national daily newspaper "DIE WELT" on February 1st, 2015.

Braco's Gaze first time in London, Piccadilly

  • “Only those who were searching for happiness and wellbeing everywhere and then got help through Braco can really appreciate and value that what Braco is doing for the people.”

Opening Latin Amerika: Braco in the Dominican Republic 2016

  • The II. World Conference on Peace and Light in the Dominican Republic was a full success. Many renown speakers presented their ideas and solutions at 'Pax et Lux Mundi'...

The Route to Return

  • I just finished five days of wondrous gazing—shared between New York City (my hometown) and Washington DC (in a suburb called Gaithersburg, Va.).

Australia's Conscious Living Magazine: Gazing deep with Braco

  • Australias Conscious living magazine