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Braco´s second visit in Bogota, Columbia

“There is something in Braco´s gaze that you can´t explain, but you can receive it with your heart, with your soul”

On the first weekend in December hundreds of people from Colombia wanted to meet a man from Croatia: Braco. Some came again after they have felt what Braco gives through his gaze in early October in Bogota at the congress "Encuentro del Ser", others heard about the experiences of their friends and family members and were curious to feel what had touched so many.

One of the visitors, Maria, shared: “There is something in his gaze that you can´t explain, but you can receive it with your heart, with your soul” Others shared similar experiences:

“This is a special experience, I came without expectation. I feel a relief of the pain I have. I saw his aura, it was so beautiful. I´m so thankful for this opportunity.”

“When Braco came I feel a strong energy, when I see his eyes. I feel peace, it is so powerful. He is a light, a connection of love. I feel happiness. I´m so happy.”

“His gazing is so special and I´m so thankful to meet him.”

“It is not explainable. It is like he is not a human being from here. To feel him, to see him it is not from this world.”

Three medical doctors introduced Braco to the visitors

In October the well-known doctor from Colombia, Dr. Santiago Rojas, introduced Braco to the audience. Now in December two medical doctors from Colombia, Dr. Ana Zuluaga and Dr. Adiela Narno together with their German colleague doctor Matthias Kamp shared their own experiences with hundreds of visitors.

Dr. Adiela Narno: “Bracos gaze conveys a conscious innocence, a light filled with infinite purity from the real source of creation into each heart and allows the divine truth to enter. Bracos gaze allows the people to enter that place beyond the mind, a sacred place within us where the memory of the mystery who we really are resides. It filled me with a lot of joy and hope for our country, that this heart awackening coming through Braco to Colombia. When I was asked to introduce Braco to the people at the event I felt very honored.”

Dr. Ana Zuluaga: “I felt very happy and grateful, with a fully expanded heart to be at the event and to make the presentation. When Braco came on the stage I felt that a force that moved me and I wanted to cry. Braco´s eyes are like two sparkling diamonds. I felt his light running through my entire body.”

Dr. Matthias Kamp: "There were several doctors in the sessions. Many of the visitors quickly begin to grasp, through their feelings, what Braco gives them through his gaze. And yet, to hear about the convincing results of renowned scientists and physicians in Europe, who studied Braco´s work, were also an important help for some to open their hearts."

For those who wanted to know about Braco and the beginning of his path, the book “After the great tragedy”, written by Braco himself, was made available in Spanish.

On Sunday there was a free session for the families with terminally ill children. Dr. Santiago Rojas organised this session with the support of his foundation.

In the last session one woman, Erika, shared with a lot of enthusiasm after Bracos gaze her feelings about Braco´s visit in Columbia:

“It is an experience of peace and love. Take this experience to your home and spread it to your family and spread it everywhere in Columbia. Braco gives what Colombia needs, this strength, this love, this peace, this rise of consciousness, I ask Braco to help us with this light he gives through his eyes here in Columbia.”

Braco will visit Bogota again in March 2023.