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What Visitors say

Your stories and experiences can open our heart and ignite new hope...

„Since we started connecting with Braco by Gazing (at Live events and via Live Stream), the Sun Symbol and the books and films, there is a constant presence of something good and bright in our lives. They bring us balance, we feel more relaxed, happier and tolerant. It is a great way of living, feeling and mastering life. Thank you so much!”

Martin Koers M.A. and Anja Koers/ Germany

Historian and Special Education Teacher

„I had a stroke last year. The doctors said I won't be able to speak for the rest of my life. Because of his Gaze on the Live Stream, I felt it very powerful, I am talking now. My recovery is amazing. I am very thankful. Thank you so much!”

Visitor at Live Event/USA

„If you are in the presence of a person whose consciousness is on a very high level, we are all in the field of this consciousness, so by being in the presence of such person our consciousness is being raised.”

Lorelai Ivy Dali / Ireland

Vedic Art Teacher, Author

„It happened to me as I was standing there (at a Braco Live Event ). I had a list of all these things and I was gonna get done and all of a sudden a voice came to me: This list is not important. What is important is that you love yourself and that you are lovable. That just kept growing within me after the session. That was in 2011 and it just kept on going since then. I realized that the only true love is self-love, because if you love yourself you love all. What I want to say is: everybody has to come and do this. This is a moment in their life that they will never ever forget. Open your heart to it. Everbody must do this I think!”

James Allen/ USA

Police Officer

„I have never experienced such a strong positive energy in the presence of any other human being. I have great respect for the work of Braco and I am aware of many other doctors interested in spiritual healing who also have a deep respect for him.”

Dr. Lucia D. Colizoli / USA

Board Certified Psychiatrist and Certified in Addiction Medicine

„Braco has made a big impact on our lives. We have experienced both physical healings and increased energy through his incredible gift. We see clients from the entertainment industry who have reached all their material goals but Braco has enriched their lives in other ways. We have been so privileged to have known Braco on a personal level as well, his presence is very uplifting - we always feel so happy around him… He is also a very generous person.”

Tracie Martyn/ USA

Celebrity Facialist I Founder of Tracie Martyn Salon and Skincare

„For thirty years I have been searching for a way to free myself from constant fear and anxiety. I have tried various spiritual techniques but without any significant progress. The first time I saw Braco on his birthday in 2013, I felt immediately that this is the right place to be. Since then, so much good has happened in and around me. Communication between me and my daughter, which had been extremely difficult for five years, now became easy and joyful. When I went to gaze with Braco once, I took a dear friend with me. Her husband had been unemployed for several years, and, three days after she gazed with Braco, her husband got a permanent job. When some situation or obstacles appear, I just take some of Braco’s books or CD , or simply one thought of Braco is enough and every situation becomes easier, it turns to the good. What a blessing when Braco leads you to walk on the bright side of life, fulfilled with peace, love and joy. Thank You.”

Ljiljana Lušičić / Croatia

Experts & Celebrities about Braco

„I've had a genetically predispositioned vision problem for 20 years. I am amazed ..., but my vision is much clearer now. Looking into Braco's eyes, I felt overwhelming feelings of love and joy... This is a very unique experience.“

Dr. Madan Bali, Canada

92 years, Doctor of Complementary Medicine, Founder of Yoga Bliss

„What Braco does is beyond our imagination and beyond our perception, because it is God's work, it is not human work.”

Grand Master Kim, Karate legend / US, at the premiere of the documentary about Braco 'power of Silence' in Bucharest

„The problem is that mankind has achieved tremendous scientific and technological progress while the human brain and sensitivity, human fears are still the same like 2500 years ago. This is why it is so important to pay more attention to the humanistic side of a human being. We must pay attention to the holistic personality development.”

Prof. Dr. Sc. Vladimir Parr/ Croatia

Featured in the Theatre Documentary "Power of Silence- The Story About Braco"

University Professor I Physicist I Member of Croatian Academy of Science and Arts

„Braco reminds me of a mirror that's highly polished. He reflects energy back... Something happens that goes beyond proportional healing: Braco has the ability to take the incoherent elements in a group, and add coherence to them.“

Dr. Stanislav O'Jack, USA

Ph. D., Clinical Psychologist

„On the one hand there is certainly a need to be able to grasp higher levels and I think that Braco can open that. He is like a gateway to new dimensions!“

Manuela Kihm/ Switzerland

PSI Forum Switzerland

„The number of people who come to see Braco, looking for help, certainly indicates how valuable he is. His high moral standards and commitment fascinates me most. Something inside him is so radiant and that what he possesses inside himself is the essence of his being." from the DVD "A Dream Comes True“.

Mufti Šefko Omerbašić ef./ Croatia

Former President of the Islamic Community in Croatia and Slovenia

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