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20 years with Braco (stories from 1995 to 2015)

“Only those who were searching for happiness and wellbeing everywhere and then got help through Braco can really appreciate and value that what Braco is doing for the people. ” This is just one of the thousands sharings from those who met Braco’s Gift. On MAY 8th 2015, it has been 20 YEARS since the first person got help through Braco. In this incredible period of time, thousands around the globe started to believe and hope again.
Why do people still come to him?
In these 20 years, Braco has been gazing in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, USA, Israel, Japan, Australia, Russia , and his Gift has been felt also in Bali, Indonesia, where he met the prince of Ubud . And invitations to new countries are still coming in.

He had no idea that this would change his life completely - Braco met Ivica

After the very first meeting with this extraordinary man in 1993, Braco quit his career as a successful businessman and joined Ivica Prokić , who was said to be a man who could see the past, present and future of those who came to him, and would improve their health, partnerships, family and financial situations by speaking to them and touching them or their photos.

One of the people who came to Ivica searching for help was Braco's mother. After the encounter, her severe migraine headaches were gone. Ivica gave her also one of his 13 books “The Year of Happiness” which she took with her home. When his mother got home with this book, Braco was worried about her. After he found out that she went to see the so called healer he saw on the cover of the book, he was afraid that she had lost her mind. But when his mother left the room, leaving the book on his table, the book took his attention - he opened it and read the whole book “Godina sreće” (see photo) at once.

Something happened in him and he asked his mother if he can go with her to see this man who would later become his mentor and friend, Ivica Prokić. The moment they met, Ivica would recognise in Braco the person who would continue his path. And Braco felt for the first time in his life truly happy, although he already had everything one could wish for on the outside – education, material security and a loving family. What impressed Braco most was Ivica's big love for people, his limitless energy and the fact that he was offering help for free to everyone. After that very first encounter, Braco left his old life behind, spending every moment with Ivica. He would be on his side all the time, helping him with the people who were coming for help in bigger and bigger numbers.

When Ivica passed away in an accident in 1995, everything changed. Those who were reading Ivica's books could understand that Ivica was predicting that Braco should continue to help the people. That is why they asked him to keep helping them. Braco would respond that he was not Ivica, that he did not know how to help them. However, after he agreed to touch the photo of a child whose health would improve soon afterwards, as the child's mother shared, people started coming for help to Braco. May 8th 1995 was the first official day when Braco started to work with people at Srebrnjak 1 in Zagreb, Croatia , at the place which was founded by his predecessor Ivica Prokić. The positive transformations in people's lives after meeting Braco were taking place just the same as with Ivica. After he saw that people need his help, he decided to dedicate his whole life to helping people. And he has been doing this for 20 years now.

Sun Symbol and the Onyx room (pictures on slider below): The 13-point golden sun symbolises the gift which Braco shares and it was also the symbol of Ivica Prokić, who would initially place it as a picture on the cover of his books. Only days after meeting Ivica in the fall of 1993, Braco would have dreams about the symbol and decided to present the first sun symbol made of gold to Ivica - as a golden pendant. Today, thousands around the globe are wearing it. The biggest Sun symbol is located in the very heart of the center in Zagreb, Croatia, in the beautiful Onyx room - a special hall made entirely from yellow onyx which was completed in 2006.

From Croatia to Europe

Already Ivica had been travelling to Germany and to some other European countries, where he was invited to help. Braco continued this and kept getting more and more invitations to new countries. Back then he and his small team would travel by car. After meeting hundreds of people at the center at Srebrnjak 1 in Croatia, they would mostly drive the whole night, sleeping in the car for 2-3 hours and then meet many people at the next location for 15 to 20 more hours, after which they would again drive back home. Often they started to work already at 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning because there was so many people and Braco used to work one on one, touching them or their photos and giving advice.

The travelling was exhausting, but Braco did't think about giving up. The masses of people waited for help, he couldn't just send them home.

Israel 2002

New countries were opening up for the invisible Gift and Braco has visited also Israel in 2002. The invitation came from Isaac from Caprice Diamond Factory , Israel's largest diamond manufacturer. He met Braco coincidentally in Israel, not knowing that he shares a Gift. After their meeting Isaac started to feel better. He said that he didn’t understand what was happening, he felt different and good. He checked his health also with a doctor and since then he is sure, that something which comes through Braco has brought him betterment. He was stunned and excited about his Gift, so he invited Braco to visit him in Israel, where he would soon spontaneously work with the employees of Isaac’s company and later on also with Isaac’s friends. Back then, Braco would still meet people one-on-one.

The successful businessman Isaac shared: "I think that this is amazing: In Israel we have a different mentality, different culture, different way of seeing things - but also here his Gift has brought betterment to so many." Isaac, his friends Philip and Dabi and their families came especially for Braco’s Birthday to Srebrnjak1 in Croatia to say thank you for the received Gift. The long journey just to see Braco for a few hours was worth it, they said.

Isaac said that for him it is not only important what he feels and that his health improved, but for him it is necessary, that many people who need help find out about Braco. Although Isaac is a very down-to-earth man, he said that he “has digested this idea”. For him it is a fact, that Braco’s Gift works.

First big milestone - the first silent Gaze in Bosnia 2004

Braco takes on every challenge to help as many people as he can. Maybe his wish to help and also the wish of those who needed help resulted in the transformation of his way of working. He was regularly travelling to different countries and the number of visitors grew immensely. However, in Bosnia 2004 it seemed impossible to help all the people who had come that day to meet Braco. There were around 80 buses full of people, of those who heard about the success of Braco's work only by word of mouth. Numerous buses full of those who had hopes for a better life, those who were searching for help and peace. Imagine how you would feel if you were Braco - would you send most of these people back home because there were too many? Braco has been working 36 hours straight without resting or eating anything, but thousands were still waiting outside in the cold, they came from far away and waited for 10 or more hours to see Braco for a few moments. Braco felt that the time has come to help the people in another way. He asked his staff to gather people in groups, he stood on a table and started to do what we today call gazing. He was not sure if people would feel the same as in the one on one encounters, but he had no choice. And they did feel, they cried and felt so much in those very special moments. This was the first big milestone in Braco's path of helping people. Since 2004 he has been able to offer help to many people at once. When Braco was on the road and gazing abroad, people would still come to his center in Zagreb, Croatia, and listen to his giving Voice and experience the same improvements. It became clear that it is not Braco who helps people, rather that something which is working through him and which had already been helping people through his predecessor Ivica.

Braco's birthday celebrations visited by famous Croatian intellectuals, musicians, sportsmen and media

Famous Croatian musicians Boris Novković and Jurica Pađen dedicated each a whole album to Braco. Many prominent Croatian sportsmen, intellectuals and singers come to his big birthday celebrations (which are open to everyone) every year on November 23rd along with up to 10.000 other people, to thank him and to wish him a happy birthday. After Braco became popular in Europe for gazing, the media, magazines, TV, and also scientists started to show interest in the Croatian phenomenon, who is visited by thousands who claim they got help in health, relationships, family, finances, through a photo, through his Voice and through his Gaze - and all of this free of charge. Mr. Drago Plečko, a scientist from Croatia, found out about huge gatherings at the center at Srebrnjak 1 in Croatia and decided to visit this place. He was fascinated by Braco's influence on people's lives. He met Braco and soon he would introduce him at big world congresses in Switzerland, Austria, Italy and the USA.

Basel PSI Days in Switzerland 2006 - Braco came to new countries in Europe

The doors to many European countries opened when Drago Plečko introduced Braco at different congresses. The former President of the Basel PSI Days -World Healing Congress and board member of the Swiss Society for Parapsychology in Switzerland, Prof. Alexander Schneider , experienced a health improvement by watching Braco DVDs and together with Manuela Kihm he introduced him to the scientific audience at the congress “Lebenskraft” (Life Power) in the congress house in Zurich, Switzerland in spring 2006. Braco’s first presentation at a congress was extremly successfull, soon he would gaze at the famous World healing congress “Basel PSI Tage” in Basel, Switzerland.

After the amazing results of Braco’s Gaze and the huge number of visitors at the encounters with Braco, the Swiss and Austrian media reported in prime time on TV about Braco and the testimonies of people who would find help through gazing with him. In 2007 Braco was guest in the TV Show Primavera , together with a woman who is a medical doctor and who shared with the TV audience about improvements in her health after meeting Braco’s Gift: The cyst in her left breast has shrunk after she met Braco's gaze. The national TV station ORF also contacted her doctor who confirmed that the amazing and lasting health improvement has truly happened and that it can not be explained scientifically. In the same year, 2007, regular events with Braco started also in Austria - until today he has been regularly gazing at the well known hotel Pyramid in Vienna.

Congress in Rimini, Italy in 2008 opens the doors for Braco's gift to the USA

Soon Braco was invited to the international congress for parapsychology in Rimini, Italy in 2008. Among other topics connected to Braco, Mr. Drago Plečko, the author of three books about Braco, presented results of the water experiment, made with a special gadget, called Bioscope: the documented experiment which showed that the water changed its frequency after being in the same room where Braco was gazing. After the presentation and Braco’s gazing at the audience, the visitors grabbed the bottles with water which were standing in front of Braco at the conference. Among scientific audience in Italy 2008 there was also the international journalist Paola Harris , who soon invited Braco to come for the first time to the USA. He accepted and together with Drago Plečko appeared in Laughlin, Nevada at the international congress for border sciences in 2009.

Braco’s first gazing in the USA in 2009 - well known scientist were stunned by the effect of Braco’s Gift

The international congress for border sciences in Laughlin, Nevada in 2009 was visited also by scientists who were very experienced with unusual phenomena, but what they felt with Braco was something that many have not experienced in their whole career. These scientists wanted to meet the silent man from Croatia who was changing lives of thousands, and who was not saying one single word while doing that. They asked him: Where is that power coming from? He would answer: “I don’t have the power, the power has me.” In the USA, Braco has met a living legend, professor from the prestigious Stanford university and the man who, in a dramatic way, connected orthodox science with that what is beyond comprehension - Dr. William Tiller . Being this great mind of modern thought, he wanted to meet Braco and, as he was already 79 years old at that time, he invited Braco and Drago Plečko to visit him in his home. Tiller has come to know that the intention of our consciousness affects matter, and even the space around us, however impossible this may seem! He has proven this with his long disputed experiments. If the findings that Tiller got would be put into practice, there is a very real possibility that we would have the technology that would enable us to use our mind to affect matter, to affect even banal, everyday problems. It is far in the future, say many. Maybe it is so. But if you even only think about this possibility, it is not surprising that Tiller wanted to meet the man who perhaps embodied what he was talking about. While the way in which Braco operates, i. e. through his Gaze, can for many seem unusual, Dr. Tiller comments on it in the following way: "The least important is the way in which one affects this network of interconnected dots of Reality. What matters are the results, which need to be measurable…”. Dr. Tiller also called Braco "the leading person of the New Paradigm.”

Even the author of the world famous film E.T. was amazed by that which comes through Braco

In Nevada 2009 everyone wanted to meet Braco and ask him about his work. Among them William Kotzwinkle, author of the American number one bestseller of 1982, “E.T.”, and the famous writer of a series of novels and several significant pieces, and Dr. Kevin Maher, a physician from San Francisco. Both of them were at the international congress to see Braco and his performances, which would eventually turn into seven days of being together. There was also the man who represents a living myth in the world of researchers of extraterrestrial intelligence, the man who has especially shaken up the minds of both the experts and laity with his meticulous presentation of the famous "Roswell case”: the Canadian nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman. Beside him there was also Paul Davids , co-producer and co-writer of the film "Roswell", with Martin Sheen and Kyel McLachlan in main roles. They are very curious to hear what Braco thinks about visits by aliens and about the unexplainable phenomena in the sky which they say are becoming more frequent.

The scientific US audience was also interested in Braco's voice and would examine it, after hearing about improvements on various levels of many of those who listen to it.

"It is obvious that he does not want to be declared a saint or anything like that. It is just not in his nature."

While Dr. Maher was somewhat more cautious and said that "there is no doubt that there is some mechanism by which Braco has drastic effects on people, but it is not nearly clear what it is," William Kotzwinkle could not hide his enthusiasm with this phenomenon: "Here I have met Braco, this world-renowned healer who does not charge for his treatments. This is unheard of. He looks like he is even uncomfortable when people approach to thank him for what he has done for them. He will kindly smile to everyone, but we have had far more relaxed conversations when we walked along the river, chatting in an informal situation. I noticed that he refuses to give individual treatments. I do not know if it is because he does not put an individual above group, or because he considers the effect of the 'encounter' stronger when more people are present at once. It is interesting that he flatly refuses to talk about spirituality, although it is clear that behind that what he is doing there must be some spiritual force. I have been observing him for a week in this hotel in Nevada, where the 'encounters' are held, for approximately a hundred people a day. He is noticeably modest, which can be seen from some nice details. Every morning he gets in line for coffee with all of us and refuses if someone offers to let him in front. It is obvious that he does not want to be declared a saint or anything like that. It is just not in his nature. We wandered together along the desert and, written over rocks, we saw prayers of an old people. Braco showed deep respect for those who today have the affect on us in the way that he does it - in silence …".

2010: The USA tour starts - Braco on TV and in Huffington Post

At the international congress for border sciences in Nevada, USA Braco met Angelika Whitecliff who brought him to his first gazing events to Hawaii. The USA tour started. Braco would restlessly tour from one state to the other, from east coast to west coast. From 2010 to 2014, he visited 41 different cities in 21 different US states, he has gazed at live events in the USA for altogether 259 days. The American audience welcomed Braco's Gift full-heartedly. In this period of time, many videos with testimonies have been produced by the American team.

Soon the media would report about Braco on TV in the US, especially about big crowds of people, who are streaming into the so called gazing sessions in New York City, Rochester, Washington DC, Arizona, Oregon, California, Colorado, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Florida, New Mexico, Wyoming, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Idaho, Texas, Massachusetts, Hawaii and more.

The American Huffington Post calls Braco "a guru with nothing to say".

Braco in Japan

In June 2010 Braco was invited to Kobe, Japan , to share his gaze in a whole different environment than usual. Nobody knew, how the audience would react to a man from a different culture, who will stand in front of them and silently gaze. The auditorium in Kobe seated 700 people, and it was filled with visitors, many who had travelled across Japan from Osaka, Tokyo and as far as Sapporo. All ages attended with great diversity. Many elders from the audience gave testimonials, and they spoke with touching clarity about the powerful goodness they felt emanating from Braco. People most often spoke of this goodness they felt in every session.

Braco’s audience grew bigger and bigger worldwide and would soon connect to his Gift also via the internet.

Braco Live Streaming into the world

During the short periods of time between the travelling in the USA Braco was gazing at other locations in Europe and also in his center in Zagreb, Croatia. The US Braco event organiser Angelika Whitecliff insisted that the people from other countries also need his help when he is away and organised a small group of people who would meet his gaze through the internet - via Skype already in 2009. Braco accepted and he would wake up early, before the working hours of the center in Croatia even started in the morning. He would gaze online via skype from 5am until the center would open for visitors in the morning. In this way “test” groups of people on the other side of the world, in Hawaii, could experience his Gaze through the internet.

This was the next milestone in Braco's path of helping people - it was clear that his Gift was beyond everything we know, it worked also at a distance.

Soon after successful events in Hawaii also Jane Sibbet , a well known US actress, known from the popular sitcom Friends, became also an organiser for Braco events in the US. She and her team have made the first professional Live Streaming, the transmission of Braco's Gaze through the internet. Since 2010 Live Streaming is a well known way to meet Braco's gaze, no matter where we are.

Beyond health improvement

Braco's events became interesting also for people who have achieved everything in the material sense. Braco is beloved by many celebrities, among who are the famous fashion designer from New York Donna Karan , the actor and model Famke Janssen , known as the Bond girl Xenia Onatopp, the model Liudmilla Bakhmat, actress Christine Baranski , popular actors Alan Cumming and Matt Bomer .

Braco's Gift is touching people from different nationalities, religious backgrounds, lifestyles and status. Having gazed at rich and poor, young and old in Europe, the USA, Israel, Japan, Australia and Russia, the effect of what he is bringing through his Gaze can be felt regardless of that which makes us different from the outside.

"We truly accept Braco as an 'ambassador of peace'": Peace Pole in New York 2012

In November 2012 Braco was awarded with the Peace Pole, a peace prize for his contribution to world peace. He was invited to be guest at United Nations Community Event that took place at Tillman Chapel in New York City on November 16, where he also shared his gaze . On that day, he was presented with the Peace Pole Symbol by the World Peace Prayer Society – in recognition of his dedication to helping people in many countries throughout the world.

The photo of his gazing in the Tillman Chapel was shown on the Jumbotron on Times Square in New York.

Braco gazed at the audience of three Hispanic TV shows

In the year 2012 Braco introduced his Gift also to the Hispanic communities . The most dramatic impact occurred with Braco's participation as a featured guest on three televised Hispanic shows where Braco gazed for in-studio guests and viewing audiences with great success.

Even Australia is not too far away

After the USA tour, new invitations for Braco came in and he travelled 4 times to Australia – to Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

Already the first event in Perth was sold out. In Melbourne and Sydney Braco gazed at the Conscious Living Expo and at the Conscious Living New Earth Festival. Many travelled thousands of kilometers to meet Braco's Gift. Some came from America, Tasmania, France, China, Singapore, Bali and other countries.

Thousands experienced the Gaze for the first time and were happy to share their feelings after the encounter. We heard scores of touching testimonials, ranging from health improvements to feeling new strength and joy again. Many in Australia felt touched by love, deep inner peace and a feeling of coming home. Some said that gazing with Braco was the most beautiful experience of their life.

Opening a new chapter - Russia and Free Live Streaming for all

Russia has changed many things in Braco's path of helping people. The Russian team felt that the Gift should be for free to everyone, just as it is in Braco's center at Srebrnjak 1 in Croatia. Since the first event with Braco in Russia in autumn 2013, all events are free for all visitors. Even transportation and food was given away for free to the visitors. Everyone got a free book and a DVD to keep in touch with the invisible Gift when Braco leaves the country after the events. The Russian media reported about Braco on national TV.

The Russian team organised the very first Live Streaming from Russia (additionally to live streaming from Europe) - it was May 2014, when everyone could experience Braco's gaze online completely for free. Prior to that, there was a ticketing system to cover the costs, but the Russian team wanted to make Braco's Gift accessible to everyone, regardless of income.

Many years of Braco's restless travelling and work found an echo in the growing audience

In 2013, Live Streaming which used to be transmitted by the US team was now organised by the European team from Germany . After the first Free Live Streaming from Russia, people would start to send emails and messages, saying that they wish to support Free Live Streaming with a contribution, so that also the Streamings from Europe can be for free for everyone, just like the online gazing with Braco from Russia.

The first person who lovingly supported the project of Free Live Streaming is a well known Austrian artist. She was a role model for many and soon the European team reacted to the wish of many, by placing the contribution button on the streaming website.

Since Live Streaming started to be free for everyone, the number of viewers grew immensely. Today, thousands from up to 90 different countries join the online gazing simultaneously.

Medical doctors gaze with Braco - it started in Russia

In September 2014, Braco's team in Russia surprised us. Braco had his first special gazing event at which medical doctors and medical staff were present. The gazing event took place in the regional hospital of St. Ioasafa and the oncological clinic in Belgorod, Russia.

Doctors and patients alike came to the encounter. Many had tears in their eyes even though they have never heard about Braco before.

It seems as this was the start of profound changes, which we can already see now in 2015. Medical doctors show big interest in Braco's work also in Europe and they had the wish to collect medical documentation of those visitors who received betterment after gazing with Braco. In different European countries, many medical doctors started to give introductions on Braco's gaze before the encounters, helping people to trust that change is possible also for them.

Physicians sharing their view on Braco also on Live Streaming in 2015

The Live Streaming in 2015 has also been impacted by the above mentioned changes - for the first time ever medical doctors are introducing Braco's Gift live to the global audience. What will be the next step, we will see. Those who are joining these projects wish the best and highest good for everyone. And we all wish that many more people can experience joy and lightness of life through Braco's Gaze.

Braco's Gift is here to be experienced. And those who want to research it are also welcome to do that. Every step on our journey with Braco is important, if it can bring hope and trust to those who are searching for ways to find fulfilment and wellbeing.

"He is the one..."

…is the title of a song from the famous Croatian singer Jurica Pađen, who dedicated the album "All is One" to Braco. And he also sings: „We are together on this road.“ Indeed we are. And we are getting together more and more.

This was a short story about 20 amazing years of Braco's work. During that time, everything around him was changing drastically, from being with Ivica - a simple man who would sell fish at the market, to meeting people who were in need in times of war, through Braco's loss of the most important person in the world – Ivica, in 1995, after which Braco continued the path that Ivica once started.

Braco's wish to help people only grows and keeps him going. There were, and there are many challenges, and he has to go through all. Everyone of us who support him, we are also going through changes as we work together for the same goal, but Braco is the only one person who actually carries the Gift, which means that he, in a way, goes through everything alone.

Many people have been coming to meet Braco's Gift for the whole of 20 years now. And their biggest wish is that Braco keeps helping them also in future. Already Ivica used to say - you people have the power. The bigger we grow, the stronger we can feel the connectedness and love. This is what Braco's work is all about.

We wish Braco that he is happy and successful on whatever path he takes. We love him and wish that he stays with us for a very long time.