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The Premiere of 'Power of Silence' in Los Angeles and New York City 2016

"Life really is generous to those who pursue their destiny." (from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho)

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In the documentary Power of Silence, narrated by Armand Assante , the director Jakov Sedlar brought together those who contemplate on life and who are revealing the endless depth of existence. Brasilian author Paulo Coelho lets us dive into the world of his bestselling novel 'The Alchemist'. In the film he reads the last passage of the book, where he, in the most gentle and magical way, transmits through words the deep state of satisfaction, when one realizes how great life is.

Brought into the context of today's busy and exhausted world, the documentary about Braco with the title 'Power of Silence' seems to bring a glimpse on how we can live a life worth living.

The premiere attracted many well known names, among them top model Naomi Campbell, Tony award winner Christine Baranski , L'Oréal face and successful actress Andie MacDowell , actor and producer Tom Hulce , known as Mozart from the film Amadeus, novelist Laura Esquivel , popular singer from Greece Anna Vissi and special guests AAHS president Joseph D. Cinque and Ciro Orsini (more below) .

Sedlar: "Never before have I made a film about a person who does not speak!"

Never before has a man gathered so many people around him, without saying a word. People were standing in a long line, it was a joyful and peaceful atmosphere in front of the ArcLight Hollywood and SVA theatre in New York City. We had a little chat with the waiting crowd and it was obvious that Braco will always remain in the hearts of those who received help through his gaze. The film premiere in the USA was a great surprise for everyone and an opportunity to see Braco in person again, as he gazed at the audience after the film. New faces were curious about the phenomenon from Croatia.

Successful film premieres in Hollywood & New York City

The premieres in Los Angeles on October 6th and New York City on October 10th, 2016 were booked very fast, so there were two screenings in a row at both locations. The visitors were let into the theatre, there was a great, almost tangible excitement in the air. Film director Jakov Sedlar came to the stage and welcomed the visitors, thanked the whole team for the hard work on the film and shared: "In my career I met a lot of interesting people, but Braco is truly unique. His mission and willingness to help anyone who needs help is something really different in today’s world. For me, it was a privilege to be allowed to watch this kind of spiritual work." In New York the film narrator Armand Assante as a special guest held a speech about the film and his motivation for being part of what Braco's work is about. After the warm welcoming, the lights went down and the film started.

It's like travelling with Braco on his journey

The documentary tells the story of Braco's life before and after he met his predecessor Ivica Prokić. Braco's mother reveals in detail about the moments when Braco decided to leave behind the material life and Braco's closest colleague tells how Ivica somehow knew that a young man would come to continue his work of offering support to people. Old footage, which has never been shown before transports us to the time when Braco still didn't know that masses from around the world would come to him for help. When watching the film, Braco's journey becomes our yourney and we travel with him to the future.

The film speaks to the silence within ourselves. It shows us that there is something which can guide us through the challenges and can show us the solutions that we need. Some say our intuition helps us read the messages which life sends us on our way. Braco's gaze can make us more senstitive to that which is behind matter.

Understanding the messages life sends us

This unknown part of us is also something which Paulo Coelho is pointing at again and again in his books. In the documentary Power of Silence, he personally reads the ending of his popular novel "The Alchemist". It seems that the whole world knows that there are hidden messages everywhere around us, and maybe we are getting to the point at which we are ready to listen to them. They can bring us to the path where we belong. As Coelho was reading in the documentary film: /.../ Life really is generous to those who pursue their destiny. /.../

We all know that some people have a great impact on others and even by their mere presence they seem to trigger something positive. Not knowing why and how, we often say that charisma is what makes those people different. In the documentary about Braco, Paulo Coelho talks about charisma, saying that it is a quality of a person, that makes him or her shine, it is something that is unique.

The special quality in Braco is commented on also by leading Croatian scientists. A member of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, prof. dr. sc. Vladimir Paar stated that "there is certainly a non-verbal communication between people through electromagnetic fields, which is much stronger in some people."

"Faith can help people to hold on their whole personality and to resolve crisis."

Paar adds: "The problem is that mankind has achieved such tremendous scientific and technological progress, while human brain and human sensitivity, human fears are still the same as they were two and a half thousands of years ago at the time of Plato and Aristotle. We have not made much progress in the spiritual domain. This is why it is important that we pay more attention to the humanistic side of the human being."

Braco is often called a non-religious charismatic, who offers the possibility of positive change to those who believe in the good. Paar: "We must pay more attention to holistic personality development. There are much deeper dimensions that need to be examined concerning matters of faith, because faith can help people to hold on their whole personality and to resolve many crisis situations."

Prof. dr. Vladimir Gruden , Croatia's leading expert on psychoanalysis, is certain that faith plays an important role in creating a better future: "I mentioned many times how I believe that greatest value and the greatest power is the faith of the people in Braco. Braco has improved himself by reaching out to his inner self. He has discovered the meaning of life, the beauty of his work; he understands that we exist in order to be happy. Happiness is the meaning of life, because happiness is harmony. We can feel that we participate in this harmony whenever we encounter Braco."

"It's the power of love in a deeper sense."

The narrator in the documentary Power of Silence, Holywood actor Armand Assante is convinced, that "we are completely overinformationalised and people want to go back to something that is tangible in the human being. And maybe Braco's gaze is something that solidifies that idea, and there is something very powerful in that." Assante's strong, yet gentle voice accompanies us through the film, bringing us closer to understanding, that we all carry a spark inside of us.

Passage from his personal statement in the film: "Braco is a fascinating figure and he is not making neither religious nor political statements. In fact he is communicating through silence and the power of silence. /.../ It's the power of love in a deeper sense."

"Maybe he represents that."

Rabbi Jack Bemporad, Director of the nonprofit Center for Interreligious Understanding, is a special guest in the documentary, revealing us the core wisdom of all ages and all religions, connecting it with Braco's gift. "People have a kind of a hunger for silence, they have a hunger to somehow be in touch with their true self. Amos has a beautiful passage, it says that there will be a hunger and a thirst. But not a hunger for bread or thirst for water, but a hunger for the word of god. And that word of god, if you look at the verse Kings 19, is a voice that is silent. God speaks to you through silence, but you have to be willing to listen in silence, without silence you are not going to hear it. Maybe he represents that."

Naomi Campbell spontaneously appeared at the NYC premiere

Naomi impressed everyone with her natural and warm presence. She has heard about Braco before and wanted to encounter him. She stayed at the premiere for about forty minutes, had a conversation with Braco in a relaxed atmosphere and commented on the film (see below).

Ciro Orsini, a wonderful man who seems to know almost everyone, came to both premieres in LA and NYC. He shared that he is thankful to Jakov Sedlar and Armand Assante, for bringing him to Croatia, so he could meet Braco and spend time with him. He loves the documentary and Braco's gift is special to him. "It was a feeling of love, peace, and I felt a very light energy. I also wittnessed a helth improvement of a young woman at the gazing in Los Angeles, where Stephanie received help through Braco's gaze. Braco's gift is something really special." He added: "Through this we see, that the more you give, the less you need. And that is what Braco does. The love he gives to the people is priceless. God bless you brother, I love you, Braco."

Ciro also invited one of the most popular singers Anna Vissi from Greece to join the premiere. She was impressed by Braco's work and even wishes to bring him to Athens in 2017.

Naomi brought a photo of a close person to the gazing

After each screening, Braco has shared his silent gift with the audience. Naomi Campbell watched the documentary Power of Silence and afterwards she stood up together with other visitors, held her mobile phone with a picture of a close person. Then, she looked into Braco's eyes.

"The film is beautiful."

She was visibly touched. She shared that the gazing encounter was very emotional and it was a great experience. "The film („Power of Silence“) is beautiful. It's simple, yet intimate, and it touches me watching those people whose lives have been changed. But getting the chance to sit next to Braco, watching Braco watch the film, I don't know, I got this feeling in my throat, just like when I was standing there watching the gaze. I felt like I was, I don't know, just something up to here. I'm really happy to be here, to see this film and to meet Braco. For me, the most important thing in the world is to help others and to share what you have. And that's the message that I get, I'm so happy to see him share it. Thank you so much…"

"Everyone needs to see this film!"

"People are going to have spontaneous healings and all kinds of transformations from just watching this documentary." This is how a visitor described feelings of connectedness and joy even while watching the documentary.

Rev. Deborah Moldow , who presented Braco with the Peace Pole in 2012 in NYC, emphasized the importance of The Power of Silence: "I really feel like this film will get Braco's message out into the world in a whole new way. And it's so urgent right now. We need peace, we need healing, and we need joy that comes from the faces of those whose life has been touched by Braco. There is a light that comes through them. My hope is that Braco's gaze will not only bring healing that is so desperately needed, but will also enable people to then use their own gaze to awaken one another. I think this is the future."

Laura Esquivel , the author of the bestselling novel 'Like Water for Chocolate' is featured in the film. Deeply impressed by Braco's gift, she shared after the premiere in NYC: "I wish Braco will travel all over the world and gaze in silence. His presence is so powerful, and we need that in our world." Laura invited Braco to gaze in Mexico.

We all carry a treasure inside

No matter who we are, where we come from and what we do, we all ask ourselves "Why are we here?" We will never find an answer in logic, but we as humans are able to sense much more than that. Maybe giving and receiving is what keeps us alive. Armand Assante said, that there is something very powerful inside of silence, that there is something powerful in the idea of receiving something from another human being without words or ceremonies.

The visitors at the premieres came from different walks of life, showing us that we all share the same basic questions about life and are searching for a way to make our life meaningful. On the photos on the right: Christine Baranski , one of the most popular singers from Greece, Anna Vissi, celebrity facialists Tracie Martyn and Marius Morariu, who have been attending Braco's gazing encounters since many years and also visited him at the center in Zagreb, Croatia.

"It is peace that surpasses all understanding. This is what love looks like."

Dr. Madan Bali , a 92-years old Vedanta scholar with a doctorate in complementary medicine, who founded and directs Yoga Bliss, had a spontaneous improvement at the NYC premiere after Braco's gaze, which followed the film: "I've had a genetically predispositioned vision problem for 20 years. While gazing, at first I saw Braco in a dizzy way, but then suddenly there was a sharpness. I didn't see anything in a sharp way for a very long time. I am amazed and can not explained what happened, but my vision is much clearer now. Humanity needs this so much." Dr. Bali also said, that he felt love, joy, a special fulfillment and a kind of pleasure, which is something very rare. "It is a unique experience, I am glad to be here tonight."

Paola Cordoma, who has travelled together with dr. Bali, his daughter and friends for many hours by car from Canada to the NYC premiere, told us: "This is the power of the evolution of humanity, which we are experiencing right now. We all carry something special inside of us and need to awaken it."

Among the participants was also dr. Octavio Pino, dr. Elaine Valdov , the President and Founder of The International Institute for a Culture of Peace, who met Braco already in the Dominican republic in Summer 2016. Dr. Angel Luis Fernandez only could send us warm greetings this time, but his appearing in the documentary is a valuable stone in the mosaic for many viewers.

"I'm so thankful, I feel connected to the universe again, before I was floating like a ghost, he brought me back."

Many of the visitors didn't have the chance to experience Braco's gaze at a live event until now, and they watched him only online through Live Streaming. The gazing lasted for about five minutes and some in the audience had tears in their eyes, some were visibly relaxed. The documentary was a great heart opener, so the audience was more than ready to receive from that which comes through Braco.

A young woman could not hold back tears after the gazing. She shared her experience with us, saying: "It seems like all the walls went down, and I feel free. I feel clear, like a little child again. It felt like all emotional and physical poisoning came out and I had to cry, but it was a cry of freedom. As if all colors of life came back again. I still can't believe the way I feel, it's amazing. I'm so thankful, I feel connected to the universe again, before I was floating like a ghost, he brought me back."

The visitor on the photo commented on Braco's gaze: "I saw depth, something I haven't seen for a long time. A depth, that was very spiritual, touching and refreshing."

What do you feel when you look into Braco's eyes?

Author Pamela Bloom: "It's a full body feeling, soul feeling. Something in my heart smiled. I felt that I can live a life that is positive, care about other people and this world."

More testimonials:

"I'm rich and very lucky!" "I feel strength and peace."
"I feel like I met my brother that I have never had, I feel a strong connection. I feel great."
"This is what love looks like, I can't stop smiling."
"I came here not knowing anything, nothing. And I'm blessed about the connection I've made. He saw me, and I saw him. And it's hard to describe. I feel like him, he made me feel like I'm a part of him. I'm really grateful."
"I think that the film about Braco is a great reminder to live our lives in the simplest way possible. It reminds us that we can find the answers in silence, from which we all came from."

Amazing footage from most beautiful places in Croatia

Dominik Sedlar's script, supervised by the author of the film 'Rain man' Barry S. Morrow , makes us reflect on our own life and opens up new perspectives. Antonio Salvatore created beautiful music, which colors the film and awakens emotions that bring us back to all those moments when we felt free and secure.

What viewers were also impressed by is the amazing footage, filmed and edited by Dario Bajurin, especially in Croatia at the famous beach Zlatni rat and in Plitvice. All together makes us feel Braco's deep connectednes to nature, which he dearly loves. Angelika Whitecliff tells in the film, that a man like Braco is absolutely neccessary at this time on our planet. "We need somebody to remind us of our humanity, to help us to come back in sync with nature and to value nature, because we are a part of it."

Coming to Europe

After the USA premieres the film Power of Silence was shown for the first time in Europe. On December 3, 2016 the audience in Braco's home town Zagreb in Croatia had the chance to watch the documentary about Braco. On January 31, 2017 'Power of Silence' will be shown in Bucharest, Romania. Also Braco will gaze at the premiere live in person!