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USA: Braco and Donna Karan meet at NYC Gazing Event

Designer Donna Karan & Braco in New York City, 11/4/13


[The Italian online newspaper Leiweb published this article about Braco. We invite you to read the English translation.]

"Gazing" is an amazing experience because it happens as an exchange of pure energy. Braco is beloved by many celebrities, among who are Donna Karan; the actor and model Famke Janssen, known as the Bond girl Xenia Onatopp; the model Liudmilla Bakhmat; (actress) Christine Baranski; and (actor) Matt Bomer. Braco does not teach, he does not preach or do treatments, but he is gazing at the people. His gaze is known to bring consolation, hope and happiness. He is committed to sharing his gift with people regardless of their religion, ideology, race and culture.

In his presence sometimes miracles happen; people cry, relieve their emotions, they start to feel better and improve their lives. He has been dedicated to being in service to the people for 18 years. How to describe the meeting with him? When he stands on the podium and gazes at people, seeing him is like meeting the Light; a particular white halo can be noticed around his figure (some people see also blue light), while our body vibrates perceiving his energy and sometimes it moves back and forth. He does not speak; people who present Braco speak to the audience, or people sharing their experiences about how their lives improved after meeting him.

There are also some people that are following him all over the world at his events and who became very familiar with this virtue of silent gazing. The scientists who have studied his gift have talked about "energy healing". For this reason many visitors bring photos of their family members or other people who are in need of help.

Braco likes New York very much and feels a special energy here, because the lives of so many people come together. He is always very happy when he has the possibility to be in service to help or when the people say that they feel better after meeting his gaze. Braco does not give interviews and he doesn't feel like speaking about his gift, because he doesn't want to condition people into anything or influence them. Those who present him say that he does not control this gift. Rather, this is something natural, which cannot be predicted in terms of how it will work and for this reason there are no guarantees of healings and miracles.

Braco was born on November 23 in 1967 in Zagreb, Croatia. He was the only child of a financially well-situated family, but he decided to walk away from a materially comfortable life in order to serve others. In telling his story, he says he is not a guru, but a normal man. When he was 24 he finished his MA degree in Economics at the university in Zagreb and followed his father's steps in their family business, although he always preferred to spend time in nature, feeling that material wealth did not fulfill him. When he was 26 years old, his mother introduced him to a charismatic man who had a natural talent: His name was Ivica Prokić and he was known to be able to help people and he didn't ask for anything in return. It was Ivica who recognized a gift in Braco, although his gift was revealed only after Ivica's death in 1995, when Braco felt the responsibility to continue sharing what he received from Ivica. After Ivica died some people started to turn to Braco in seek for help.

At the beginning, Braco was using physical touch and speaking to the people as the way to help them and he was seeing people individually. With time he found out how to share his gift with the greater masses, as the number of visitors was growing. Gazing with Braco lasts for 5 to 7 minutes per session.

In his private life, Braco lives very normally. He is married and has a son, who was born in 2000. "I like very much to spend time with my son and contemplate by the sea in my free time,” he reveals to us, telling that he always likes to experience things with an enthusiasm of a child, as if it was the first time. At the same time he feels a strong responsibility about his gift. From 2009 Braco was invited go various places over the world to hold sessions of gazing, among them the United Nations in New York. He has his center at Srebrnjak 1 in Zagreb, Croatia. The entrance is free and donations are not accepted. At the Braco event in New York, at The New Yorker Hotel, where Braco will be gazing still tomorrow from 10 AM till 6 PM; one session, lasting 35 minutes, costs only $8 U.S. dollars. The expenses for Braco's travels are covered from the sales of the books, DVDs and jewelry, which is designed in connection to Braco's work. Braco's gaze can be also experienced online on , and also on .

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