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The Silent Gaze of Braco

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Braco is here for everyone to offer fresh happiness, hope and help through his live streamed gaze. This experience is defined by people in many countries as one of loyal goodness, distinctively natural and simple, yet profound in its enriching and loving effects on lives.

Encounters with Braco’s Gaze are distinguished by restoring people’s hope and peace, enabling the needed help to come effortlessly and generously. Special thanks are extended to all those who support these worldwide live stream broadcasts by contributing to keep them free for everyone, especially for those who could not participate and benefit otherwise. Unreserved generosity spreads love everywhere, and this is Braco’s way, our way together.

Visitors, Experts and Celebrities about Braco

„Braco is the real thing.“

Dr. Michael Beckwith, USA

Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center

“Braco simply gazes and lets go in silence the energy that pours from his eyes. He doesn't offer any explanation. He establishes another type of communication with the audience, not only visual but of another type.”

Dr. Angel Luis Fernandez, Psychiatrist, Philosopher, Author/ held various public and private functions, also at UNICEF and UNESCO/ Spain

„It is not only about healing. It is about energies and spirituality, about knowing that we are not only the physical body, and that we have this contact, through Braco's divine energy and his gazing.“

Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich, USA


„Braco is a fascinating figure and he is not making neither religious nor political statements. He is communicating through silence and the power of silence. ... Just the power of love in a deeper sense.“

Armand Assante, USA

Emmy Award winning Actor

„People have a kind of a hunger... to be in touch with their true self. ... God speaks to you through silence, but you have to be willing to listen in silence, without silence you are not going to hear it. Maybe he represents that.“

Rabbi Jack Bemporad, USA

Director of the Nonprofit Center for Interreligious Understanding (CIU)

„Braco's Gaze opens the contact to his counterpart and it is probably his very special charisma, thanks to his Gaze, to convey strong harmonizing information directly into the deepest part of the human being. All attempts to ultimately understand the mystery of this Gaze may fail due to the limitation of our thinking".

Professor Alexander Schneider, Switzerland

Late President of the Basel PSI Days and the Swiss Parapsychological Society/Author of "Braco- The Fascinating World of Legend and Science"

“In my career I´ve met a lot of interesting people, but Braco is truly unique. (...) Our collaboration (for the film "Power of Silence") allowed me to truly appreciate how big a person he actually is. His mission and willingness to help anyone who needs help is something really different in today’s world. For me, it was a privilege to be allowed to watch this kind of spiritual work.”

Jakov Sedlar, Film Director/ Croatia

„To see Braco is something really healing, liberating. He looks at one without judgement, without any imposition, any projection. ... Through the gaze, one connects with the light. His presence is so powerful, and we need that in our world.“

Laura Esquivel, Mexico

Author of Bestseller "Like Water for Chocolate", Screenwriter

„Braco’s Gaze takes away the concerns that we are powerless or not able to lead a more pleasant life or take more efficient actions. Nothing needs to be said, a Gaze is enough so that we can know our own strength.“

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Gruden, Croatia

Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

„It seems like all the walls went down, I feel free. Like all emotional and physical poisoning came out. It's amazing. I'm so thankful, I feel connected to the universe again, before I was floating like a ghost, he (Braco) brought me back.“

Visitor at the premiere in NYC/ USA

“Most of us have difficulty to connect with our essence, with our purity. Because, there is no silence in our mind, our thoughts, in the words. Braco provides this moment, the moment of connection, through his gaze. We connect ourselves with our essence, with our purity. That is very, very important.”

Jorge Coelho, Portugal

Organizer of the Feira Alternativa in Portugal

“Braco`s Gaze can help that the things you can solve become more and those that you can't solve become less. The energy that Braco's Gaze conveys knows what you actually need, what will give you strength and happiness in the long term, and what will prevent you from going through something that doesn't have to be.”

Drago Plecko M.A./ Croatia

Scientist, Researcher/Author of "The Mystery of Braco 3"

“I came to Braco feeling seriously depressed after a very bad period in my life. It filled me with the strong energy that surrounds him. People come here to fill their souls with this positivity. I suppose that above all they come here because they are grateful for his help in solving many of their problems.”

Boris Novković/ Croatia

Famous Croatian Singer-Songwriter; CD " Braco- Thank you!"

“It is time to build a new culture of peace and that is where Braco comes in. (…) The Peace Pole that we gave Braco at the UN was not only awarding him ... but also allowing the people from the United Nations community to appreciate Braco as an ‘Ambassador of Peace’.”

Rev. Deborah Moldow, USA

Representative to the United Nations of the World Peace Prayer Society

“Braco is a very special human being. I call it a phenomenon because there really is no logical, esoteric, religious, nor scientific explanation for what takes place whether when he gazes in person or by Live Streaming, (...) amazing things happen. Braco's gaze is a gift to humanity.”

Paola Harris, International Journalist/ USA

“I'm really happy to be here, to see this film and to meet Braco. For me, the most important thing in the world is to help others ... I'm so happy to see him share it. Thank you so much.”

Naomi Campbell, UK

Top Model, At World Premiere of Theatre Documentary Power of Silence- Story about Braco in NYC

“Based on the study that I've made on the testimonials of over 1500 participants, I believe that Braco really has an effect on the mind, on the soul and on the physical body.”

Prof. Dr. D. C. Dulcan, Romania

Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Author

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Encounters with Braco are not related to any specific religion or a church. They are open to everybody equally, independent of religion, race or ideology.

Braco makes no promise to heal; he does not give any diagnosis and does not provide any treatment. Participation in live streaming is not a replacement for medical consultation.

Medical advice and/or prescribed therapies and treatments should be continued and followed for the duration your medical practitioner recommends before/after participation in live streaming.

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