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Braco’s Gaze in Costa Rica

TV Report from Costa Rica. February 2023

Latin America is opening up

With an open heart and shining eyes, Braco was welcomed in Bogotá by those who believe in his invisible silent gift. A wave of love, calmness and hope was sweeping the gazing hall when Braco stood in front of the Colombian audience.

The faith in the hearts of those, who came to see Braco, was almost tangible. Colombia is definitely going to become like a second home for Braco’s Gift.

Carolina Salazar and her team made it possible

The spiritual congress in Bogotá “Encuentro del Ser” (Encounter of Being) took place on October 8 and 9, 2022. It was organised by three spiritual organisations from Colombia. Ms. Carolina Salazar and her team put all their love and efforts into making it a beautiful event. Carolina made it possible that Braco comes to her country and shares his silent gaze with those who need support at different levels of their lives.

Around 900 people came to the gazing sessions. Most of them were sold out and additional sessions with Braco's gaze have been organised. The event was meant for a large audience as eighteen presenters were invited. Braco was the only one who didn't speak.

Carolina presented Braco before he came out to gaze. The audience saw him for the very first time. She knew that it is not possible to dive into that what Braco shares with logical mind. She knew an open heart is important. Her words touched the audience, they were ready for the gaze.

Carolina: “I had never met a person who could channel this energy just through his gaze”

Carolina shared in an interview that Braco has been to many countries in the world, and has had quite a few experiences. But that he tells her that he draws a lot of attention from Latin America, as the people there are much more expressive. Carolina says that she never met a person who could channel this energy just through his gaze. "I was very happy to present Braco at the event in Colombia. Because I noted that all the people had very good experience. Everyone welcomed Braco with much love and happiness. Many people experienced incredible things at a physical level and the level of perception."

"I could connect with the audience because I felt the same sensations that they I felt. It was so nice to be able to see, when they cried of joy, felt that love, they connected with his gaze, and it was just great to have the chance to speak about their experiences."

Medical doctor opened the path for the gift to arrive into the hearts in Colombia

Doctor Santiago Rojas presented Braco together with Carolina Sallazar. Dr. Rojas is a very much appreciated medical doctor in Colombia. He is a specialist of palliative care. At the beginning he experienced Braco on distance through Live Streaming. And already when watching Braco’s gaze online he felt a lot. That was the moment when he made the decision. He wanted to speak about Braco in public, he decided this before he met Braco in person. Dr. Rojas presented Braco in front of an audience who knew nothing about him. He loves and appreciates Braco, because he feels that what he shares.

“When someone is touched by this type of energy, his software is updated”

Dr. Santiago Rojas shared also for the TV reporters from Telemundo that for him Braco is like a big antenna and receives an universal energy which he is able to share with others through his eyes and his gaze. Dr. Rojas said that Braco is able to receive high vibrations and convey them to the audience. The only thing that is needed, he shared, is to have an open heart. He said that this is the power of love.

“When someone is touched by this type of energy, his software is updated, his App is balanced, and then his intelligence begins to act in an appropriate way.”

Television team from Colombia deeply impressed

It was obvious that the team from Colombian television Telemundo was impressed by Braco’s gaze. They stayed longer as expected and made interviews with many visitors. Many people cried. The testimonials were incredible.

“He is an angel, he is a loving being, who gives unconditional love. We are like a battery that is being recharged through the connection we make with Braco.”

In the TV report by Telemundo a Mexican visitor, who has been following Braco for several years, shares his view on Braco: "The power of his gaze is like a seed that is sown and days later blossoms in the people who gaze with him, generating positive changes in their life.”

Also: “You can have whatever religion you have and just by being connected, you stay with the same religion because you don't have to follow any belief. Through being connected to the energy of Braco I can do practically everything.”

The TV report by Telemundo brings also the direct experiences of the participants of the gazing session with Braco: “Many say they experience an inexplicable heat, others an enormous need to cry. Chills, pressure in the chest and some share about a sense of indescribable fulfilment and peace.”

A woman shared: “I felt a tingling all over my body and a pressure in my chest. When he left I felt that my illness was going away.”

Another testimonial: “I suffer from osteoarthritis and all at once my body let go of everything. I cry not because things are bad, I cry because everything is fine.”

The soul of Colombians was touched

Colombian people showed a depth which is difficult to describe with words. They have the ability to feel and keep their mind clear from thoughts. The analysing comes only later and it doesn’t disturb the direct experience.

The people of Colombia honour Braco very much. At the end they gave Braco a standing ovation which lasted two minutes. The organiser Carolina Salazar thanked Braco in the name of the Colombians for coming to their country. She gave Braco flower as a sign of gratitude. The long applause just continued, people wanted Braco to stay longer. Their hearts were filled with joy and gratitude.

"He can set aside his being and allow that the heaven works through him"

In the audience there were also other presenters from the spiritual event Encuentro del Ser. For instance Mikel Lizarralde. He shared his experience:

"I felt so much love, I felt that the room was full of love. I also felt that he has a strong protection from the spiritual world, the energy was lifted. And I also could see that the people wanted that healing. Many consciously and many unconsciously."

"A huge ball of energy came out of his body and went to the whole room, but only with pure love and the vibration of pure love. He is somebody that is so much connected to the spiritual world, that he can set aside his being and allow that the heaven works through him."

For me it was something amazing. I felt something special. I felt my body vibrating, my legs were vibrating. There was like an inner light and in one moment I heard an inner voice saying: feel that through your heart. I felt it with my heart and felt it is expanding.

Carolina: "His presence brings one into the state of harmony, it makes one feel happy"

"Braco is a world wide known person so we contacted him to invite him to Colombia last year. It was a pleasure to meet him via Skype. Braco loved the idea to come to Colombia. He is a marveleous being with the incredible gift to help milions of people. It was a pleasure to meet him, he also changed my life.

Braco can connect us with the light, he can connect us with ourself, with our divine essence, he helps us to feel better physically and spiritually. That is so important at the moment. Not only in Colombia, but in the whole Latin America and in the world.

When spending time with Braco, outside of the gazing, is also like being in the gazing. His presence brings one into the state of harmony, it makes one feel happy. He is and extremely grateful being, grateful towards life, all that he experiences. He could also see and experience Colombia, I am very happy that I could be at his side, showing him around these days."

Braco is coming back to Bogota and visiting also other countries in Latin America

Carolina shared good news! “We are very excited because Braco is returning to Colombia already this year in December 2022. For all those who didn’t have the chance to meet Braco yet - you are welcome to join us. We will publish all the details about the event soon.

We are thinking of organising a tour with Braco in the whole Latin America as we have persons in different countries such as Panama, Ecuador, who want to invite Braco. Also in Mexico and Costa Rica and also Argentina. There are many who would be happy to organise an event with Braco.”

Obviously, something is happening on Braco’s path. May his gift reach all those hearts who believe in the good.

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