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“There was a moment when Braco's eyes met mine. I felt this heat that entered me. Tremendous. Like an energy... For me it is a privilege that for the first time in Spain we have someone as incredible as Braco.”

Alfonso Trinidad, Spain

Director of Magic International

“You just need that connection. It is like time for yourself. And you can take in what Braco is giving, the love”

Pat, Ireland

“The energy pushes out of you everything that is not needed, it brings in light, truth and healing energy, which knows what you need without having to ask. If you surrender to it completely, you will be transformed into your true self.

I wear my sun symbol as an anchor. If I’m not clear, if there is fear, I become centred again, it connects me to the energy of Braco and the energy of that frequency and that frequency starts to work through the sun symbol.”

Jim Mccarthy, California, US

“I had a lot of trouble because of a kidney stone. I was in bad pain, the stone was 10 mm big. The doctors wanted to make a surgery to help me, yet, through Braco's gaze I received help. Suddenly there was no kidney stone anymore. The doctors were stunned. Until now there is no logical explanation for this but I know that Braco helped me to become healthy again.”

Hans Heinrich Vagts, Germany

“His energy is so pure. You connect with that innocence and it brings inner peace. That stillness helps you to connect. It's so simple, but so powerful.”

Karen, Great Britain

“When I was a child, I used to have nightmares several times a month. In my adulthood, the nightmares became less frequent. However, they would appear every now and then, and it had been like this for 40 years. In 2015, at one of the encounters with Braco in Zagreb, I bought my sun symbol and put it around my neck. Since that day I have never had a nightmare again. It remains like this today, 4 years later. Thank you Braco for this great help."

Irena, Croatia

“I am coming to different event locations to see Braco's gaze. I very much love the sun symbol and I have an incredible story with it. 22 years ago I saw it in a dream and, since then, I was searching for it everywhere. Only when I found the sun symbol of Braco, I recognized that it was exactly the same as in my dream. I couldn't believe it. I love it very much and it connects me to Braco and his gift.”

Rudina Thanasi, Albania

MD, Dermatologist

“Most of us have difficulty to connect with our essence, with our purity. Because, there is no silence in our mind, our thoughts, in the words. Braco provides this moment, the moment of connection, through his gaze. We connect ourselves with our essence, with our purity. That is very, very important.”

Jorge Coelho, Portugal

Organizer of the Feira Alternativa in Portugal

Experts & Celebrities about Braco

“The film „Power of Silence“ is beautiful. It's simple, yet intimate, and it touches me watching those people whose lives have been changed. But getting the chance to sit next to Braco, watching Braco watch the film, I don't know, I got this feeling in my throat, just like when I was standing there watching the gaze. I felt like I was, I don't know, just something up to here (pointing to her neck). I'm really happy to be here, to see this film and to meet Braco. For me, the most important thing in the world is to help others and to share what you have. And that's the message that I get, I'm so happy to see him share it. Thank you so much.”

Naomi Campbell, Topmodel/ England

“What Braco does is beyond our imagination and beyond our perception, because it is God's work, it is not human work.”

Grand Master Kim, Karate legend / US, at the premiere of the documentary about Braco 'power of Silence' in Bucharest

It is not only about healing. It is about energies and spirituality, about knowing that we are not only the physical body, and that we have this contact, through Braco's divine energy and his gazing.

Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich, Ph.D. / US

“People have a kind of a hunger for silence, they have a hunger to somehow be in touch with their true self. Amos has a beautiful passage, it says that there will be a hunger and a thirst. But not a hunger for bread or thirst for water, but a hunger for the word of god. And that word of god, if you look at the verse Kings 19, is a voice that is silent. God speaks to you through silence, but you have to be willing to listen in silence, without silence you are not going to hear it. Maybe he represents that.”

Rabbi Jack Bemporad, Director of the nonprofit Center for Interreligious Understanding (CIU), US

Tell Your Story with Braco's Gaze

Braco does not explain or comment on his gift. Instead, those who have experienced his gaze like to tell their stories. If you feel like sharing with others, it is highly appreciated.

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