Broaden the path for Peace and Plenty to flow mightily …

Support Free Live Streaming for ALL

In gratitude for the help received through live streamed gazing with Braco, contributions were offered, giving birth to Free online sessions. This generosity cleared the way for those in need who could not otherwise participate, and the path of peace and plenty grew stronger for everyone.

If YOU wish to support and ensure Free live streaming for ALL in the future – you can also make a contribution that will open the way for others less fortunate to participate. Together, we can broaden this path and share Braco’s loving gaze as one worldwide family.


To contribute via Paypal, please click on the button below. Enter the amount you wish to contribute and the currency (US Dollar or Euro). The Contribute button will forward you to the secure payment Paypal website. We will not receive/store any credit card or bank account information.

Bank transfer

To contribute via bank transfer click on the button below. You can print the bank account information and ask your bank to transfer the amount you want to contribute.